Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A time to start fresh.

I thought it would be important to make my first blog posting be an introduction to you all of myself. My name is Celeste and I love reading blogs, specifically related to pop culture, news, anything that's pretty and most importantly, fashion. Although I don't exactly know what my focus will be for this blog (I'm quite a scatter brain), I know I will do my best to generate compelling content for my readers, and will be grateful for any kind of positive impact I make on any follower who finds me.

My love for fashion started when my mom and grandma took me shopping for my first day of kindergarten. I remember walking into Macy's (it was Lazarus at the time) and finding the most adorable black dress with magenta polka dots. It was my first experience falling in love with clothes. I wore that dress on the first and second day of school because I loved it so much.

From that shopping experience on, I had fallen in love with shopping. There's something amazing about getting a new piece of clothing that makes me warm up inside with a strong feeling in my chest; this feeling is most likely what drug addicts or food crazies feel about their addictions. Probably not a good sign. Some people are addicted to meth or coke-- I love the feeling of finding something I love and convincing myself I can't live without it.

Clothing to me is more than an expression of yourself, it means you're actually trying to be a normal, functioning person of society. You may write my opinion off because you may think that I'm being judgmental, but I'm not sorry; I don't think it's appropriate or normal for people to go out in public without exuding a little bit of effort, unless they are headed to the gym. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

More to come...

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